The Project

Citrus fruits are the abundant gift of dry and often underdeveloped areas as the island we are son of, Sicily.

In the last 4 years, we’ve been working to develop the full potential of this fruit.
Fresh orange juice constitutes less than 40% of the orange; the 60% citrus by-product remaining is what, scornfully, is called pastazzo.

Currently, the pastazzo becomes mainly garbage, producing around 700.000 tons of waste every year the Sicily.
We have developed a sustainable process which allow us to transform pastazzo from waste to resource activating a circular economy system.

Providing to dry it from the 85% water of which it is made of, the remainder part provide us with high-value products such as bioflavonoids, pectin and dietary fibers that we are already testing in plant-based meat.
Our mission is to give a new meaning and a new life to the pastazzo by creating social, environmental and economic value.

Image by Tim Mossholder


Dr. Gabriele


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Ceo & Founder

Giuseppe Scionti Phd

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scientific advisor

Nieves Clavero

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food technologist

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